kitchen cabinet color trends 2023 Richmond VA

kitchen cabinet color trends 2024 Richmond VA

Kitchen remodels are topping many homeowners’ to-do lists these days. And cabinetry plays a starring role in transforming the heart of the home. As we look ahead to 2024, a palette of natural, timeless colours for kitchen cabinets rises to the fore. These on-trend shades not only align with the latest styles but also promise to retain their visual appeal for years to come.

Take a peek at the 10 hues that kitchen designers predict will lead cabinet trends next year for kitchen remodeling in Richmond. Then use them as inspiration when planning your kitchen refresh or remodel in Richmond. Whether you’re looking to do a simple cabinet refresh or a full kitchen renovation in the Richmond area, these on-trend colors can help guide your design plans to create a beautiful, modern kitchen you’ll love entertaining in for years to come. Let the latest trends inspire you, but also think about how they fit into your personal style and everyday life when remodeling your kitchen.

 1. Earthy Tones

Move over, grey. Earthy taupes will offer a warmer and more versatile alternative for kitchen cabinets in 2024. These rich, organic neutrals blend hints of brown, gray, and sand tones. So they coordinate beautifully with almost any tile, stone, or quartz countertop. Customize your look by choosing from the taupe family’s wide range of shades. Opt for a greenish-grey pitavastatin taupe to complement silver veining in natural stone. Or try wheat-toned selloum taupe to pair with oak flooring. Taupes’ flexibility lets you change up the room’s accessories season after season without overhauling the whole space.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

2. Clean, Neutral White

A kitchen dressed in white will never go out of style. This timeless neutral keeps visually expanding smaller kitchens. It also showcases ornate backsplashes and statement light fixtures. But not all whites are created equal. Cool-toned alabaster white plays up glints of grey. While warm antique white reveals gentle ivory undertones. For a bright and airy aesthetic, stick with crisp shades like glossy latex ultra white. Prefer an understated elegance? Dove white offers a softly luminous option. Custom-painted cabinets allow you to fine-tune the exact white your kitchen deserves.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

3. Timeless Black

Once destined for edgy urban lofts, sleek black kitchen cabinets now feel surprisingly livable. The rich shade brings cohesive drama to a monochromatic scheme. It also smartly contrasts punchy colours like cadet blue or tomato red. Options extend beyond basic black, too. Charcoal grey cabinets offer a slightly softer statement. While inky blue-black exudes undertones of midnight and mystery. Keep other surfaces light to prevent black cabinets from visually shrinking the space. Then weave in metal accents and pendant lighting to play up the moody, chic style.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

4. Deep Blue

Navy blue promises to sail in as a top kitchen cabinet colour choice for 2024. With origins in classic nautical style, the deep oceanic hue feels both timeless and on-trend. Layer cream subway tiles and brass hardware to channel beach house vibes. Or pair navy cabinets with glossy black granite and stainless steel for contemporary flair. Want to test the waters before diving into all-blue cabinetry? Start by painting just the island navy to anchor the cooking zone with colour. Cabinet fronts in lighter sky blue, powder blue or periwinkle also introduce the hue more subtly.

Kitchen Cabinet Deep Blue Colors

5. Natural Wood

In opposition to overtly lacquered finishes, natural wood cabinets trend towards serene, organic sensibilities. Unfussy styles like Shaker-front cabinets help spotlight the raw appeal of materials like oak, walnut and ash. Strategically mixing multi-toned wood surfaces adds dimensional contrast too. Try pairing whitewashed maple base cabinets with darker walnut uppers to segment the functional zones. Or complement exotic zebrawood islands with everyday oak surrounds. Wire-brushed textures, visible wood grains and unstained surfaces further emphasize nature’s rustic signatures.

Natural Wood

6. Redend Point

The Pantone Color of the Year, Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta makes a vibrant paint pick for modern kitchens. Yet many find bright magenta too daring for cabinetry that serves as a neutral backdrop. For those seeking a trend-right colour with more livability, green offers an easier aesthetic. Complex sage and muted jade hues feel soothing and lush. Deeper emerald greens add vibrancy alongside stainless steel appliances. And lively chartreuse pops provide the perfect dose of playfulness. Even minimalists can work in hints of green with on-trend colour accents. Try dual-toned cabinets with army green bases and bright white uppers.

 Redend Point

7.Warm White

Move aside, grey. 2024 sees the rise of grey as kitchens’ newest neutral. This versatile shade smartly bridges the gap between cool greys and warm beiges. Custom blended greige tones let you strike an ideal balance for your space. Does your kitchen bask in abundant natural light? Opt for an airy oatmeal shade with hints of grey. Short on sunlight? Bring in cosier latte- and khaki-coloured cabinets. Greige also harmonizes effortlessly with both warm and cool materials. Equally at home alongside black granite or white marble counters, the adaptable shade truly earns its reputation as a “goes with everything” colour.

Warm White

8. Navy Blue

Mocha. Hazelnut. Chestnut. Does a warm, dreamy brownish palette sound more appetizing than basic wood cabinets? That’s exactly why rich cocoa brown tones trend for 2024 kitchen designs. The welcoming shade echoes elements of leathered granite, dark hardwood flooring and brushed bronze accents. Custom mixes like truffle brown and cinnamon brown inject premium vibes with their luscious dimensional hues too. Pair brown cabinetry with matte black hardware and smoky grey quartzite for an enviably upscale look. Just balance all that cosy warmth with plenty of task lighting and light walls to keep things functional.

Navy Blue

9. Dark Green

Move over millennial pink, it’s time to embrace the deeper raspberry and crimson tones of redolence red kitchen cabinets. Far less saccharine than blush pink, this new take on red imparts kitchens with a refined antique charm. Match faux-distressed red cabinets with timeworn elements like vintage hardware and reclaimed wood counters for an authentic farmhouse aesthetic. Sleek modern designs can spotlight redolence red’s dramatic side too. Contrast lacquered lipstick-red cabinet fronts with crisp white uppers and ebony black waterfall countertops. However you style it, a dash of redolence red promises to spice up 2024’s trending kitchen colours.

Dark Green

10. Neutrals

More than a fleeting trend, Shaker-style cabinet fronts have ranked among the top cabinet designs over the past few years. With their simple lines and versatile potential, Shaker cabinets are only gaining steam for 2024 kitchens. The broadly classic style adapts beautifully to any architectural theme. Go contemporary with high-gloss Shaker fronts in onyx black. Bring in traditional touches with two-tone cabinets featuring distressed ivory Shakers. You can even take Shaker cabinetry to modern farmhouse territory, paired with butcher block counters and oversized brass hardware. Their fuss-free silhouette effortlessly fits any budget, too. Making Shaker cabinets a fashionable, future-proof choice.


Get a Head Start on Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas for 2024

The new year promises exciting design potential for your kitchen cabinet remodeling in Richmond, with adaptable earth tones, sophisticated dark hues, and punchy brights all trending for kitchen cabinets. Whether you crave an airy oasis, a moody retreat, or a rustic kitchen in Richmond, the 10 colours above offer on-point options to realize your vision.

Be sure to view physical samples before finalizing any paint decisions. Photos don’t always accurately portray real-life tones and textures. Additionally, natural light conditions can impact each shade differently. Once you settle on cabinet colours, incorporate supporting details that boost the aesthetic. Sculptural pendants reinforce modern styles, while woven textures play up organic schemes.

By thoughtfully tying trending 2024 kitchen cabinet colours to complementary finishes and materials for your kitchen cabinet remodeling project in Richmond, you’re sure to end up with a cohesive, on-trend space ready to entertain for years to come.


What is the most popular kitchen cabinet colour?

In 2024, warm and adaptable gray tones will emerge as a newly popular kitchen cabinet colour. This bridge hue between cool grey and warm beige fits any aesthetic, from modern to traditional. Crisp white remains a reliable choice in kitchens as well. And for those seeking drama, sophisticated black and attention-grabbing navy blue are also top style forecasts.

What kitchen trends are going out of style in 2024?

As warmer organic hues come into vogue, very cool and sterile greys are fading away for 2024. Overtly ornate traditional styles also decline in popularity. Clean lines, versatile neutrals, and an emphasis on natural textures rise to the forefront of next year’s kitchen design trends instead.

What kitchen cabinet trends can we expect in 2024?

Early 2024 colour forecasts show increased pops of vibrant colour, especially lively greens and attention-getting yellows. Expect to see more blended styles too, like contemporary takes on classic farmhouses as well as modern interpretations of the ever-current industrial trend. Technological innovations will also impact cabinetry with integrated lighting, storage optimization features, and digitally automated surfaces.

What is the most popular cabinet style for 2024?

In terms of cabinet construction, Shaker-style cabinetry continues to lead style trends with its versatile, highly functional design. For finishing, stains that allow the natural wood grain to shine through are replacing overtly painted looks. And instead of noisy hardware, discreet touches like cut-out handles maintain a minimalist, streamlined aesthetic.

What are the timeless kitchen design trends for 2024?

Several elements transcend short-lived fads to anchor timeless kitchen designs in 2024. These include crisp, clean white cabinetry; exposed natural wood finishes; metals like matte black, bronze, and unlacquered brass; marble and quartzite countertops; large-format backsplashes; and neutral colour palettes accented by pops of colour via appliances, cookware, and decor items.

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