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Bringing Richmond’s homes and offices to life with stunning floors since 1990. At homerenomaster , we go beyond just installing quality hardwoods and laminates. We craft floors that capture the essence of each customer’s personal style and space. Our attention to detail and flooring artistry have made us Richmond’s trusted experts for transforming spaces with custom floors.

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Installation Methods

In the area of Installation Methods, we offer modern and adaptable floating installations, secure and long-lasting glue-down options, traditional and robust nail-down methods, and innovative click-and-lock solutions that are easy, efficient, and forward-thinking.

Different flooring accessories that have been use in kitchen flooring in richmond va

Flooring Accessories

Our flooring accessories enable polished finishes. Baseboards provide seamless wall-to-floor transitions. Transition strips connect different flooring types or rooms. Underlayment between subfloors and flooring adds durability, support, insulation and sound dampening. Grouting fills tile gaps, maintains stability and prevents moisture penetration.

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Maintenance Products

We offer floor cleaners formulated for long-lasting flooring cleanliness and longevity. Hardwood finishes like polish, wax and sealers enhance appearance, provide protection, and prolong flooring lifespans. Sealers guard porous floors against stains, moisture damage and wear.

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Subfloor Types

Plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OSB) are common wood subfloor materials, providing stability and durability under flooring. Concrete also works well as it offers a solid foundation for many flooring types. The choice depends on cost, strength needed, and flooring type.

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Special Features

Explore our Special Features including waterproof flooring, ideal for moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Our scratch-resistant options withstand daily wear and tear, maintaining a flawless appearance over time. For safety in high-traffic areas, our flooring comes with anti-slip coatings, providing enhanced traction.

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Underfloor Heating

For added comfort, consider our Underfloor Heating options, particularly our radiant heating systems. Experience warmth from the ground up, providing a comfortable and efficient way to warm your space.

Kitchen Flooring Best Option At Richmond Area

Homerenomaster Floors brings dream kitchens to life in Richmond since 1990 through custom flooring designed around you. We offer quality hardwood, tile, granite, and more installed by experts. Our process begins with an in-depth consultation where we listen first, allowing us to recommend floors suited to your taste, lifestyle and vision. We partner with you to transform your space through intentionally designed, durable floors you’ll love coming home to.

Why Choose Us?

Local Insight: Richmond-based expertise for flooring that suits the local environment.

Quality Assurance: Premium materials from trusted suppliers for durability.

Competitive Pricing: Transparent pricing, exceptional value—beautify your kitchen without breaking the bank.

How it work

We make installing stunning new kitchen floors simple and stress-free with our efficient step-by-step process:

  1. Free in-home consultation: Discuss selections fitting your budget and lifestyle.
  2. Comprehensive quote: Outlining all costs, no surprises.
  3. Material selection: Browse samples together to actualize your vision.
  4. Expert installation: Existing floor removal and new floor fitting in just 1-3 days.
  5. Finishing touches: Trim work and rigorous inspections to delight.

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Fast & Professional Kitchen Flooring Installation in Richmond Virginia

As Richmond flooring contractors with 10+ years installing tile, vinyl, hardwood & more, Richmond Floor Experts rapidly remodel kitchens and bathrooms in homes across the area. Our HomeAdvisor top-rated team precisely places scratch & moisture resistant floors from excellent brands at reasonable project cost. Customers can expect quality materials expertly fitted around their schedule for a streamlined one-day installation process. Whether you seek easy-clean vinyl flooring or modern wood looks, contact us for exceptional service and new, durable floors that reinvigorate your Richmond space.

Fast & Professional Kitchen Flooring Installation in Richmond Virginia
Reasons to Invest in New Kitchen Flooring in Richmond, VA

Reasons to Invest in New Kitchen Flooring in Richmond, VA

Update your kitchen with new floors from our experts. We help you choose the perfect option to:

  • Improve aesthetics with stylish new materials
  • Enhance durability for high-traffic spaces
  • Increase value before selling your home

With many types of flooring available, we guide you to the right choice for your needs and lifestyle. Our personalized service delivers beautiful, long-lasting results. Contact us today to learn more and transform your kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Flooring Options That Are Perfect for Every Home

Our Richmond flooring specialists guide kitchen upgrades with all hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile flooring product options considered. With over 10 years experience, our 5 star local team handles full flooring installations – from plank and tile choice to precision placement transforming your space. Whether you seek DIY-friendly floors or want to match cabinet colors, we make recommendations to fit your kitchen footprint, lifestyle and budget. Ready to turn outdated floors into a contemporary showplace? Contact our HomeAdvisor top rated pros for estimates backed by years of flawless flooring projects across the area.

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Why Hire Our Kitchen remodelers in Richmond?

Why Hire Our Kitchen Remodelers in Richmond?

Transform your Richmond kitchen with our skilled flooring installation services. Our veteran remodelers have the expertise to recommend and professionally install the ideal floors to match your style, whether hardwood, tile, or other quality materials. Years of hands-on experience allow us to adeptly handle every phase of the installation process, from proper subfloor prep to expert fabric laying and finishes. We focus on your satisfaction, delivering exceptional service to create the beautiful, functional kitchen floor you desire on time and budget. Trust our Richmond kitchen remodeling experts to customize the perfect flooring solution for your remodeling vision.

Other Kitchen remodeling Services Available for Your Home

Choose our team for exceptional kitchen and bath remodeling in Richmond, VA. Our designers and contractors deliver premier renovations fashioned to your vision. We strive for stunning transformations you’ll enjoy for years.


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