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About Short Pump

Short Pump is an unincorporated area in Henrico County, near Richmond. Its name derives from a shorter than average pump along an old road in the late 1700s. Originally a rural crossroads with a tavern, wealthy Richmonders built country estates there in the 1800s to escape the city, including Courtlands mansion (1840).

After World War II, Short Pump transitioned from rural to suburban with new housing developments and shopping centers like Short Pump Town Center opening as the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike (I-64) was built in 1958. Though now a modern suburb, remnants of its history linger in remaining estates and historic sites recalling its rural origins and unusual name’s source.

Geography and Demography of Short Pump


  • Census-designated place in western Henrico County, 12 miles from Richmond
  • 15.4 square mile area of gently rolling hills and suburban development
  • Major roads/highways: I-64, W. Broad St, John Rolfe Pkwy, Ridgefield Pkwy
  • Named after historic “short pump” along old stagecoach road

Demography (2020 Census):

  • Population: 28,963 (30%+ increase since 2010)
  • Affluent area with median household income of $115,782
  • Racial makeup: 73.2% White, 13.9% Asian, 7.4% Black, 5.5% Other
  • 7.1% Hispanic/Latino
  • Median home value: $454,300
  • 71%+ owner-occupied housing units

Education Amenities of Short Pump

Short Pump is served by Henrico County Public Schools, including Nuckols Farm, Short Pump, and Springfield Park Elementary Schools, Holman Middle School, and the highly-regarded Deep Run High School. Several private school options are available such as Collegiate School (preK-12), Maidens’ Academy (K-5 girls), Richmond Christian School (preK-12), and Veritas Collegiate Academy (6-12). Nearby higher education institutions include the University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the western campus of Reynolds Community College. Short Pump also offers the Tuckahoe Area Library and tutoring centers like Huntington Learning Center for supplemental education resources. Overall, this affluent suburb provides families with a wide range of public, private, and higher education amenities.


FAQs aboutShort Pump

The name “Short Pump” dates back to the late 18th century and refers to a pump located along an old road that is now part of West Broad Street. This pump was shorter than typical pumps in the area at that time, hence the descriptive name.

While not a major tourist destination, Short Pump’s main attractions revolve around its amenities for residents. It’s home to extensive shopping, dining, and entertainment options like the large Short Pump Town Center mall. Outdoor recreation areas like the Short Pump Park and Tuckahoe Creek Park also draw visitors. Historic sites like the Courtlands mansion offer glimpses into the area’s past.

Yes, Short Pump is considered an extremely family-friendly community. It offers highly-rated public and private schools, safe neighborhoods, abundant parks and recreation facilities, and a wholesome environment focused on suburban living. Its amenities and quality of life make it an ideal place to raise children.

The quality of life in Short Pump is regarded as excellent. As an affluent suburb of Richmond, it provides a high standard of living with great schools, low crime rates, beautiful homes, plentiful shopping/dining, and easy access to both urban amenities and nature. Residents enjoy the modern conveniences of a thriving suburb combined with a comfortable, family-oriented lifestyle.


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